The closing argument of W.E. Borah for the prosecution, in the great Coeur d'Alene riot-murder trial, delivered July 27, 1899, Wallace, Idaho n.d. [ii], 49p., wraps bound with string, printed on newsprint, slightly browned in margins.

"The trial of Paul Corcoran for the killing of James Cheyne, which took place at Wallace, Idaho, in July, 1899, grew out of the Coeur d'Alene mining riots of April 29, 1899. Upon the last named date, about one thousand men, a large portion of whom where armed and masked, congregated at Wardner and destroyed the Bunker Hill and Sullivan mine and killed two men, one by the name of Smith and one James Cheyne." p. i. Corcoran was convicted of second degree murder.

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