Cat.No: 260323 This week in prophecy [two ssues: 26 and 44]. John Alvin Lovell.

This week in prophecy [two ssues: 26 and 44]

Fort Worth, Texas: 1953. Two issues of the 8.5x14 inch newsletter from the right-wing radio preacher; the first is two sheets stapled together, the latter issue just a single sheet printed both sides, worn with a tear.

Commentary on current events as seen through a fervent anticommunist lens. A sample passage: "If truce talks fail in Korea, the announcement is that the military is seriously considering using atomic weapons in Korea. Why not? We have got them. God gave them to us. Our boys are being slaughtered. If the Reds had them, they would use them. Then why, in the name of common sense, decency and fairness to our boys don't we use such weapons, since we are God's battle-axe and weapon of war?"

Cat.No: 260323

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