Planet Drum: Continent Congress: Planet/Drum Bundle #4. Peter Berg, Gil Baillie, David Simpson, Robert Curry, Marguerite Swift.

Planet Drum: Continent Congress: Planet/Drum Bundle #4

San Francisco: Planet Drum Foundation, [1976]. 9x12 inch printed white envelope containing a bundle of pieces gathered for Planet Drum, all very good in roughly-opened, lightly-soiled envelope with Planet Drum logo and address, mailing label and stamps.

The bundle includes the following: "Amble Towards Continent Congress" a large, folded broadside by Berg; "Full Scale Nuclear Social Order 239" by Bailli; "Continent Footing; NorthAmerica" folded broadside of a video conversation with Robert Curry; "Excerpts from A Winter in the Illinois Woods" eight-page pamphlet. staples rusty, by Swift; "Meat" 8p. pamphlet with rusty staples by Simpson; "Tristes Semi-Tropiques" on New Orleans and the Louisiana Delta country a large folded broadside by Committee of Correspondence for New Orleans.

Cat.No: 208527

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