Weakly Citizen Harold [issues 1-6 of the resurrected zine]. Buck Moon.

Weakly Citizen Harold [issues 1-6 of the resurrected zine]

San Francisco: Intergalactic Peace Conspiracy, 1988-1989. Six issues of the staplebound zine, all in fine condition, in an original mailing envelope with the addressee's name blotted out; 7x8.5 inches.

The Harold was originally an underground newspaper from Isla Vista, but its creator moved to San Francisco and got involved in other projects such as San Fran Synthesist. This zine was a resurrection of the spirit of the old newspaper but in a format fitting the zine culture of the late 1980s. The series is identified as volume 3, the first issue appearing on the 20th anniversary of the original 1968 publication.

Cat.No: 208237

Price: $45.00