Collection of transgender event and convention brochures. Transgender.

Collection of transgender event and convention brochures

various places: various publishers, 1994-2006. Ten folded brochures and leaflets, 4x8.5 inches, various stocks and colors, various events, all very good.

Included are: PPOC 4th annual 'California Dreamin' 1994, Fort Lauderdale Freedom 1994, Gender Independence, Houston Transgen 1996, First Annual Trans America, Charlotte NC, 1999, Transgender 2002 presents Tennessee Waltz & the 16th Annual IFGE, IFGE presents Standing United, Louisville 1999, Kindred Spirits Transgender retreats,Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative, GAIN - Gender Awareness & Information Network, Outreach Inst. of Gender Studies handbill for a Glossary for Understanding Gender Diversity.

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