Hands off the Kent 25! / SMC [pinback button]. Student Mobilization Committee.

Hands off the Kent 25! / SMC [pinback button]

New York: NG Slater, for SMC, [1970]. 1.75 inch pin depicting two men, one wearing a "remember Kent State" shirt.

The Kent 25 were the twenty-four students and other young people, plus one faculty member, who were indicted in September 1970 on charges connected with protests that had taken place the previous May, around the time of the infamous Kent State shootings. They had been identified from photographs as having some connection to the burning of an ROTC building on May 2 and the protests on the 4th during which four students were killed. Over the next year one of the 25 was convicted and two pled guilty, but by December 1971 all remaining charges were dismissed.

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