Ad Hoc Gay Committee open letter. David Hummel C. U. A. V. Ad Hoc Gay Committee, Marxist Literary Group, Bruce Boone, Jack Pantaleo, Paul Bernadino.

Ad Hoc Gay Committee open letter

San Francisco: Ad Hoc Gay Committe, December 21, 1979. Single 8.5x11 inch sheet printed recto-only, Committee name and address marked-through with ink top center, date of December 21, 1979 followed by a 13 paragraph open letter to the membership of 10 listed conservative ministries.

The Committee is calling attention to the fact that the ten listed churches including Agape, Jews for Jesus, Gospel Outreach and others have been increasing their activities in predominantly gay neighborhoods inciting anger and resentment (and the writer pointing out risking martyrdom!) Comparisons to Anita Bryant speaking through a loudspeaker at 18th and Castro.

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