Tangents magazine vol. 2, #6, March/April. 1967. Don Slater, , Gene Damon, James Ward, Dana Hobart.

Tangents magazine vol. 2, #6, March/April. 1967

Hollywood: The Tangents Group, 1967. Magazine. 32p., including covers, 5.5x8.5 inches, story, articles, reviews, very good digest-size magazine in stapled pictorial wraps.

Slater's and Billy Glover's new project after the acrimonious split from One Magazine (itself a spin-off from Mattachine Society Review) which ran monthly and/or bimonthly from 1965 to 1970. Co-founded by mystery writer Joseph Hansen. Tangents had been a column in One Magazine and when the split happened Slater attempted to cull the subscriber list by sending fliers with the change of address pointing to his new offices. This first issue prints an editorial that refers to One Magazine and the letters in the back are addressed to and relate to One. This tenth issue is slimmer for Summer break. Gene Damon's Reader at Large focuses on The Lesbian Paperback.

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