San Francisco bay times; a newspaper by lesbians & gay men; vol. 1, #1 - vol. 24, #20 [203 issue broken run of the tabloid] 1978-2001

San Francisco: San Francisco Bay Times, Inc. 1978 - 2001. Newspaper. Two hundred and three issue broken run of the folded tabloid newspaper, various pagination and format, photos, news, reports, services, ads, events, lightly-worn and toned on newsprint.

The first periodical in the City to be published by and for both gay men and lesbians. Wikipedia and OCLC have incomplete and/or incorrect information. Those sites state that the paper started out as Coming Up! in October 1979 but it actually began as San Francisco Bay Times in 1978 (these issues are included here) edited and published by Roland Schembari and Bill Hartman. In Schembari's obit it is stated that the paper folded after these first three issues and they reworked the idea over the next year. The new paper succeeded and remained titled Coming Up! until 1988 when it reverted to the original title. Early AIDS reportage in the 1980s. This run includes the complete first run of three issues under the original masthead, several Coming Up! issues including cross-over issues utilizing both CU! and Bay Times Mastheads. Numbering fluctuates and masthead numbering is incorrect on many issues as is common. The following issues are:
1:1-3, Coming Up! December 1981 & December 1982 (no volume or issue numbers noted)6:2,5,8 & 9, 7:1,2,4,8,10-12, 9:9 & 11, 10:1-2 (changed name back to Bay Times halfway through volume) 11:1-12, 12:1-12, 13:1-13,15,17-28, 14:3-8,11-19 & 26, 15:1,2,34-43, 16:18-20,22,23 & 25, 17:2-16,18-20,22 & 27, 18:3,4,6-17 & 19, 19:15,16,19,20,22 & 27, 20:16,18,20 & 27, 21:6,14-20,23-26, 22:5,8,13-16,25,27,29,30 & 32, 23:8,10,11,14-18,20-22 & 24, 24:2,2,18-20.

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