Watson's Magazine, Vol. XIX, No. 6, Oct. 1914. Thomas E. Watson.

Watson's Magazine, Vol. XIX, No. 6, Oct. 1914

Thomson, GA: Jeffersonian Publishing Co. 1914. Magazine. p.295-p.335+unpaginated pages, 7x10 inches, chips on cover edges and spine, some soiling on cover, issue is intact, but reading copy only.

Once famous southern populist politician who ran for V.P. with William Jennings Bryan on the Populist Party ticket in 1896, Watson published this and other magazines and newspapers, generally devoted to populist anti-elitist themes with some racism, anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism mixed in. This issue has two major articles by Watson, one on the Hapsburgs and Hohenzollerns and "the crazy Kaiser who set the world on fire", and one on the ideals and conditions under ancient Paganism. Watson opposed U.S. entry into WWI.

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