San Francisco crusader: no. 104, August 21, 1980. Reverend Ray Broshears.

San Francisco crusader: no. 104, August 21, 1980

San Francisco: Gay Crusader of America (GLA), 1980. Newspaper. 20p. folded tabloid newspaper, photos, ads, classifieds, directory of services, features, columns, reviews, very good on newsprint.

This issue features articles on John Burton, Zionism is Racism etc. Also known as San Francisco Gay Crusader, Gay Crusader and Crusader. The Reverend Ray Broshears was a radical gay activist and Evangelist who was a minister for the Metropolitan Community Church, helped organize the first Christopher Street West Gay Pride Day, was a roommate of David Ferrie (of JFK fame) Founded Helping Hand in SF, the gay vigilante group The Lavender Panthers, and was photographed by The Advocate brandishing a shotgun in front of the church.

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