The Prophetic Expositor [15 issues]. Douglas Nesbit.
The Prophetic Expositor [15 issues]

The Prophetic Expositor [15 issues]

Toronto: British-Israel-World Federation (Canada), 2004-2006. 16 issues, 32p. each, 5.5x8.5 inches, staple-bound, very good. Issues: Vol. 41 (2004) missing only Feb issue 2; Vol. 42 (2005) Feb, Mar, and Dec issues; Vol. 43 (2006) Jan, Feb, Mar issues.

British-Israelism promotes the idea that the Anglo-Celtic Saxon peoples are the Lost Tribes of Israel, i.e. the true Jews. It has been the inspiration for Christian Identity, though it doesn't always share the latter's White Nationalism and political emphasis.

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