Los Angeles Free Press volume 5 issue #207, July 5-11, 1968. Art Kunkin, publisher.

Los Angeles Free Press volume 5 issue #207, July 5-11, 1968

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1968. Newspaper. 40p., 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper, complete in two sections. Rubricated-in-purple cover leaf and spot-color center of section one; section one rather toned and edgeworn with a small hole where foldlines cross, section two very good. Headline: "Berkeley Burns"; "Robert Gover's new novel serialized"

Contents begin: Unionizing battle rages in Coachella. Herald-Examiner strike continues as union leaders fail to be effective. Paris [Sorbonne overrun by flics]. A poorly-attended event policed by Panthers and Brown Berets [Phantasmagoria III; has collaged photo and, spread over 3p., nearly a full page of text]. Mark Lane writes a half-page on Ramsey Clark/CIA supression of assassination information. Centerfold has the cover story on Berkeley, 'Tear gas on Telly'... Contents of second section mostly media/book reviews, the Gover excerpt, and --as an afterthought-- Truck strikes, foreman beats United Farm Workers volunteer.

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