Los Angeles Free Press volume 8 issue #347, March 12-18, 1971. Art Kunkin, publisher.

Los Angeles Free Press volume 8 issue #347, March 12-18, 1971

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1971. Newspaper. 64p., 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper, complete in a single section (an unusually fat one). Rubricated-in-blue cover leaf and centerfold (doublespread of Lesbian couple by French poster artist Bertrand). Mildly toned throughout, somewhat edgeworn, cover text is dust-soiled and badly rubbed with a couple lines barely legible; has a ragged hole where the two foldlines meet (one-inch outmost tear, successively smaller inner ones); a good-only copy. Cover banner reads, "Body Counting the Panthers / Genocide or Exaggeration," illustrated with an Egyptian-dynasty-featured profile dotted with bullet holes. Also pictured on cover is a vignette of an altered billboard (LAPD recruitment dig).

Center doublespread is captioned a "Free Press poster" and reproduces an item from "Dessins Erotiques de Bertrand", signed in the plate as "Bertrand -68-". The stories within start off with a city-ordered billboard alternation (diapering a penis in Silverlake), then the Panther coverage, captioned 'Nobody knows how many Panthers have been killed', written by the hugely competent Donald Freed. A lengthy statement from Charles Manson follows, titled 'Love and youth march to their graves so the old can live'. Then a lengthy piece on prison conditions, focus on a suspicious inmate 'suicide'. An interview with three Vietnam vets, 'Guys shot in the back from racism'. Boutique designer Trina on hip business success. Martha Morgan on abortion. Movie reviews of THX 1138, and They Might Be Giants. Then, 'A chronological history of Germany's Red Cells'. Rock reviews. Harlan Ellison opines on tv. Record and theatre reviews. A nice big photo of Little Richard surrounded by Beatles. An interview with Steppenwolf's John Kay. A very lauditory review of Beach Boys; an interview with the Guess Who; an interview (by Richard Cromelin) with David Bowie ('All my family have been in institutions').

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