[Group of items related to the International Hotel struggle]

San Francisco: IHTA Legal Committee, Media Committee, 1977. An activist's file folder containing three items: The second issue of the mimeographed I-Hotel newsletter, from Sept. 11, 1977; a handbill addressing members of the Northern California Alliance (NCA) urging them to work for Proposition U, which would have San Francisco buy the I-Hotel and bring it up to code, protecting its residents from eviction; and a stapled packet containing a leaflet about the Four Seas Corporation (the Hong Kong company that bought the property), a 2-page chronology of statements by the sheriff's department about the eviction of residents, and a six-page chronology of the entire I-Hotel struggle, the last page updating the situation to May 19 1977.

The I-Hotel, the center of San Francisco's old Manilatown and home to many elderly immigrants, was forcibly evicted in August 1977 after a lengthy struggle.

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