Berkeley Tribe: Vol. 2, No. 20 (#46), May 22-29, 1970. Red Mountain Tribe.

Berkeley Tribe: Vol. 2, No. 20 (#46), May 22-29, 1970

Berkeley, CA: Red Mountain Tribe, 1970. Newspaper. 28p., folded tabloid (11.5x17 inches), mild toning and dust-soil, slight mis-folding and edgewear, a good copy which bears a neat Dallas distributor's address in day-glo pink. Cover collage melds RMN speaking with a hippie dancing; exterior text says simply "People's Exhibit #9"

Stories within start off with short bits on protests scheduled, protests that happened, Puerto Rican bomber nabbed, Berkeley tear-gas factory (owned by one George Cake) fire-bombed, plus short quotes from Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X. Longer stories start with Mississippi police murders of students, an update on the trial of Los Siete, police beatings of doctors at the Berkeley Free Clinic (severe beatings), Alameda County supes to limit services to the poor, Gay Liberation "invades" the National Convention of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco (at one-&-a-half pages, fairly substantial), a visit to and meditation on Fort Ord, a Beatles retrospective. Then a double-spread with portrait vignettes on Los Siete, followed by a half-page by Stew Albert (running for Sheriff) in Salt Lake City and thinking about Mormons as a US elite; and quite a bit more.

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