L.A. Digger News

Los Angeles: LA Diggers, 1967. Premiere issue of the short-lived tabloid-format newspaper which changed its title with each issue. OCLC lists only the first two issues, the few holdings mostly electronic ones at University of California libraries. Lots of coverage of idealistic counterculture events in the LA area - love-ins, free food distribution, etc. Evenly toned, horizontal fold creases, otherwise very good.

The LA Diggers are something of a mystery, inspired by the SF Diggers but apparently not organizationally linked in any way. These papers were distributed in head shops for free, with optional donation cups, and one of the issues mentions that anyone who is hard up can pick up a few to sell and just keep the money. In 2014 Jaime Henderson published an online article through KCET titled "California Summer, Baby, is Getting Out of Hand: The Diggers and the Summer of '67" which is based on study of the first two issues, held by the California Historical Society.

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