Russia: A Journal of Russian and American Trade [eight issues]. R. Martens.

Russia: A Journal of Russian and American Trade [eight issues]

New York: R. Martens, 1917-1919. Eight issues of the slender journal promoting business opportunities in Russia, despite the spreading impact of the October Revolution. Issues present are November 1917, Feb-March, May, June, July-August, and September 1918, and April and May 1919. The second issue has a large purple ink stain on the cover, and all have an internal stamp of the Russian Economic League in New York. Otherwise generally light edgewear or foxing.

The publisher saw Russia as a vast land of economic opportunity awaiting development, even in the midst of famine in 1918. Articles addressed various concerns that businessmen might have, including the complexities of the Trading with the Enemy Act. Several issues discuss famine relief efforts at length. Martens was certain that the horror stories of businessmen fleeing the Bolsheviks would innoculate the rest of the Russian Empire from following their lead. Siberia, in particular, is depicted in the journal's pages as a land of untapped wealth. The cover of the May 1919 issue, the last present here, still proclaimed "The land of unlimited opportunity for growth" with a supplement of maps and charts emphasizing abundant resources. By November 1919, however, the editor's perception had changed, with belated recognition of the staying power of the revolution. In an announcement that the journal was suspending publication, he wrote that "There is for the present no Russian-American trade, strictly speaking. General business in Russia is altogether demoralized or at a standstill."

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