Jesus is not Jehovah and other positions of the National Determination Party of America

Manchester, NH: National Determination Party, 1986. 3p., 8.5x11 inch sheets stapled at upper left corner, photoreproduced; very good.

In addition to "uniting alienated ethnic Americans of European ancestry into a new political force for the 1980s and beyond," Chairman Moltis sought to prove that Jehovah was the father of Satan, that the King James Bible is a Catholic plot, and that Byzantium was the only true City of God. Born in Greece to Caucasian parents, Moiltis lived in Manchester NH since 1959, and recorded a couple of rock songs after service in Vietnam. He wrote elsewhere that he left the Congregational Church to protest the "Judaizing" of Manchester churches. His definition of alienated ethnic Europeans included Yugoslavs, Greeks, Italians, Irish, and other groups sometimes omitted from WASP-oriented racism (though of course not the Catholics among them).

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