Eyewitness, "An International Newsletter"; vol. II number 10, [October] 1970

San Francisco: the newsletter, 1970. Pamphlet. 12p., staplebound 11x8.5 inch wraps item filled with swiped illustrations; the articles seem also to be commandeered, some reproduced directly from source, others are re-done by typewriter to fit. Contains a weapons alert: the US military has come up with a death ray that works ("CO 2 laser"). DDT is wiping out Maine eagles. Israeli neo-colonialism. Brazilian slaves work in mines, live in caves. Also features a bulletin board, here occupied by Women's Page in SF, Women's History Research Center in Berkeley, SDS literature from Boston, others.

Return address is an apartment on Frederick Street, Zip code 94117. No editor or compiler is credited.

Cat.No: 202275

Price: $15.00