Series of historic statements expounding the role of the States in their relation to the central government [eight of the nine booklets issued in the series]

Richmond: Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government, 1960-62. Eight booklets in wraps, very good, 5.5x8.5 inches. Numbers 1-9, missing only 8, which reprinted the US and Confederate constitutions, both easily available elsewhere.

The Commission, an official state agency, was formed to present a genteel defense of segregation and racism. This group includes "Report of the Conference of Chief Justices: Pasadena, California, August, 1958," "A question of intent: the States, their schools and the 14th amendment," "The Kentucky-Virginia resolutions and Mr. Madison's report of 1799," "The Fort Hill address of John Calhoun," "Did the court interpret or amend?: the meaning of the fourteenth amendment, in terms of a State's power to operate racially separate public schools, as defined by the courts," "Equality v. liberty: the eternal conflict," "The American beginnings: the Virginia Declaration of rights; The Declaration of independence, in Mr. Jefferson's original text, with some of his comments thereon; the Articles of confederation," and "Thomas Jefferson on constitutional issues : selected writings, 1787-1825."

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