Welcome hippies by this way. By the Buddhist yogi C.M. Chen. A gift by the Over-sea American Buddhist Hippies Leader Ven. Dharmmadipo. NY, USA

Kalimpong, India: Printed at the Mani printing works, 1970. Pamphlet. 64p., staplebound booklet, very good, one of 1,000 copies. Chen's booklet series no. 52.

Chen discusses his previous impressions of hippies as western equivalents of "Red guards," citing negative coverage in the media (which he now realizes represents the "plastic society"). Cites San Francisco scene with drugs and abortions, Chinese-American Red Guards who set up at 615 Jackson Street but were chased out for not paying rent, etc. Includes a long discussion of whether LSD can offer access to the Bodhisattvas (it can, but only if the user follows proper doctrinal practice). Overall, though, asserts that Buddha is a bigger turn-on than any drug, and offers a truer path to breaking from consumerist society.

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