[Envelope sent to a student at UCLA containing nine different flyers and two issues of the tabloid newspaper "White Power"]

Arlington, VA: NSWPP, 1977. Reinforced manila envelope with mailing label, containing nine 8.5x11 inch flyers from the neo-Nazi group, at this time led by Matt Koehl. The publications within are from about 1973 up to the date of mailing in 1977. Items present are a Supporter Application Form, a "Buy Aryan" leaflet with a comic strip, "Special rights for black savages??", "Why does the system hate National Socialism?", "Negro equality? Fudge!" (on "Lincoln's plan to re-colonize the Negro"), "Race mixing stinks," "Busing is a bad trip," "Build a new order," and a photo of a Black man smoking, with the caption "He may be your equal, but he sure isn't ours!" The issues of "White Power" present are nos. 62 and 76, with headlines "We need a Hitler" and "Smash Black Crime." The recipient made photocopies of some of the flyers, perhaps for local distribution in the Los Angeles area; these somewhat low-quality photocopies are bundled together in the envelope with the other materials.

Cat.No: 200806

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