West to the Ohio River. Mattie Beason.
West to the Ohio River
West to the Ohio River

West to the Ohio River

Los Angeles: Crescent Publications, 1976. Trade Paperback. 153 p. Slight wear to edges of wraps., bit of fading to spine. Epistolary novel by an African American writer.

"A powerful story of black conflicts in a white world." "...a profoundly different interpretation of the Black Prospective [sic]. It is revealed through the letters between two friends: Martha Sullivan, a dynamic, devout social welfare agency supervisor in Louisville, Kentucky; and Carol, a beautiful, willowy young woman who gave up a music major ... to marry a dashing Henry Hudson.... An Episcopal priest, Father Simpson, of Indianapolis, Indiana, comments occasionally. Martha's letters tell of he conflicts and tensions of her office, the acute problems of discipline in the black Central High School where her husband Albert is the assistant principal, and further insight into many poignant economic, educational and social problems...." Carol's life is, at first, serene, untouched. Then, in the hospital after an auto accident, Henry finds the head nurse t be a white woman who had borne him a daughter many years before. He deserts his legal family and runs away with her, only to return after Nellie's death. Soon frustrations and conflict lead him to suicide. In an attempt to reach Carol, Martha and Albert try to swim the Ohio river. Washed ashore Martha experiences a revelation."

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ISBN: 0891440186

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