The quest for truth: How president Kennedy really was killed

Glendale: George C. Thomson Engineering Company, 1964. Magazine. 50p., softbound, a few archival photos (analyzed by Thomson) with seven "blueprint-style" drawings by him, professionally printed 10.5x8.5 inch magazine wraps with a color cover, paperstock mildly browned, back cover shows much crimping. A good copy.

One of the several career engineers who have tackled the anomalies of the official story. Here, Cuba is behind it, Oswald was innocent or had a "protective" role, Jackie was a target too; Thomson wrote the FBI to alert them of her continuing danger and had the satisfaction of seeing her cancel an appearance shortly afterwards. Cover is an impressionistic painterly rendering of the caped guy on the south curb, to whom Thomson ascribes all the shooting. His text refers the reader to the Life Magazine photo that shows this character. Part of Thomson's text is his diary of personal events, as when he fires off a letter to Winston Churchill, or has this or that realization about what happened.

Cat.No: 199672

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