Mattachine review: vol. 5, #6, June, 1959. Hal Call, , A. J. Ayer, John Osborne, Allen Ginsberg.

Mattachine review: vol. 5, #6, June, 1959

San Francisco: Mattachine Society, 1959. Magazine. 36p. including covers, 5.5x8.25 inches, very good digest size magazine in stapled pictorial wraps.

"The Green Automobile" poem by Ginsberg about picking up Neal Cassady from his home on the West Coast and running off on the road together. London Theatre Debates Homosexual Problem by Potter with a reply by John Osborne both reprinted in their entirety from The London Daily Express
The Mattachine Society, forerunner of Daughters of Bilitis, One, Inc. and Homosexual Information Center etc., founded in 1950 in Los Angeles by Harry Hay and Rudy Gernreich.A member of the CPUSA, Hay structured the small group like a Communist Party cell. Hay was expelled from the CP (at his own insistence) as a "security risk" to the party because of his involvement in the Society. The name derives from a French medieval and renaissance masque group. The magazine was founded in 1954 with the first issue appearing in January, 1951.

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