Nat. Conf. of Am. Socs. Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1. Cleveland... Tudor Arms Hotel. ((Privately circulated, as a public service, these friendly notes are by Ted Tekla, D.B., confidential secretary...))

Cleveland, OH: the author, [1958]. 12p., 8.5x14 inch mimeographed sheets stapled together at upper left corner.

Begins with notes from the Standard Time Caucus (which "made revolutionary history - it met an hour before schedule") at the National Conference of American Socialists. The group, made of dissidents who had left other parties including the Communist and Socialist Parties, sought "to form a caucus based on democratic socialist principles, program and procedure." It included Max Bedacht, Olaf Kullien, Otto Skottedal, George Stryker, Ed Spira, Ted Tekla, Joe Mochan, Ann W. Ricks, and Charles Sexton. Includes brief encapsulations of the participants' strategic goals and perspectives, and their dissatisfaction with earlier groups. Stryker seeks to meld socialism with the civil rights movement; Tekla asks "Do we raise the Russian question at all? Commie 'socialism' is poison. First we need general semantics; don't talk 'socialism' but specifics." Goes on to summarize the other sessions at the conference, snarky observations interspersed.

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