Paisley Power [handbill]

n.p. Paisley Power and Light Company, [196-]. 8x13 inch sheet mimeographed one side, the blank bottom edge crinkled and soiled (could be trimmed away without loss of content).

"Civil rights for hippies --- that's the main objective of the Paisley Power movement. Like Black Power, 'Paisley Power' is the struggle of a minority group within a hostile society to win first class citizenship, civil rights and liberties, and stop the discrimination which produces economic and political powerlessness..." "We've been organizing ourselves gradually since '64 or '65, with the growth of the underground newspapers, LeMar, psychedelic churches,sexual rights movements, the new music, Provos, Diggers, utopian farms. The Paisley Power and Light Company will just be a small, local segment of this general movement..."

Cat.No: 199250

Price: $25.00