[Inscribed publicity photo]. Miriam Makeba.

[Inscribed publicity photo]

New York: Warner Brothers, 1987. 10x8 inch publicity photo, signed and inscribed "May I say, all is love / Sincerely / Makeba" in upper right quadrant with a slightly scratchy ball point pen, very good, pen slightly faded.

From the collection of Daphne Muse, who provides this backstory. "I was invited to KTVU to be interviewed for a segment they were doing for Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. At the time, I was serving as the program director for them. As I go into the green room, Makeba is right up in there. My jaw dropped and my face lit up with pure joy. The coordinator introduced us and we talked for several minutes. She then asked me might I know how to get in touch with Alice Walker and I noted that I was Alice's publicist at that time. They did in fact connect. Makeba gave me that photo before leaving the studio. She was so gracious and came with no celebrity baggage. She was there to tape a segment promoting a concert she was doing. I so treasure meeting her and getting to talk with her."

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