Berkeley Commune / An open poem to the Prophets and their Apostles [handbill]

Berkeley: Persian Fuckers Anonymous & Unlimited; Berkeley Commune; Noh Directions Press IWW union bug in corner, 1968. 8.5x11 inch handbill, printed both sides, tiny hole in one corner, slight edgewear, otherwise very good. A depiction of a rose has a red droplet added by hand on a thorn to resemble a drop of blood.

"Ruling guru greybeard bards / having new fun in yr rolling rock renaissance. / have u passed thru the Haight / lately? / have u seen yr turned-on kids? / u promised them Visions & Love & Sharing. / they got / clap, hepatitus, fleas, begging, & the gang-bang..." "Is it time to admit that Hate as well as Love redeems the world? / There is no outside w/out inside / no revolution w/out blood." The Commune felt a kinship with New York's Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers, and its head was Iranian, hence the name "Persian Fuckers," according to Farber's "Tales for the son of my unborn child."

Cat.No: 198962

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