Los Angeles Free Press volume 5 issue #195, April 12 1968. "New Politics Murder Atlas;" "Why Los Angeles Did Not Riot - Yet;" "Stokely: On King;" "Synanon reaches 1,000;" "Megan Terry's improvisational theatre;" [Headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1968. Newspaper. 40p., 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper; complete in one section. Toned, edgeworn, slightly misfolded, some offset dust-soil; very good copy. Find rainbow-ink embellishment of face sheet (the 'Murder atlas') and also of a rock concert poster inside (full page, featuring H P Lovecraft, James Cotton Blues Band and Mint Tattoo); face sheet is an ingenious collage of maps of Tennessee (MLK), NY (Malcolm), Bolivia (Che), California (Bobby Hutton), TX (JFK) --with photo portraits of victims overprinted. Articles include "SNCC office raided;" "KPFK;" "Top Secret: US occupation plan;" "Dr. King's death unifies L.A. Black community;" "White radicals uncertain;" "Duke [University] loves Dow [Chemical Corp.];" "Navy buys Port Chicago;" "[Demetrio] Vallejo on hunger strike;" "Two Subpoenas" [Mark Lane on Allen Dulles and the Zapruder film]; "Bobby Hutton demonstration today;" "Memphis Garbage Workers Strike" [reprinted from The Southern Patriot].

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