[Fundraising circular]. J. L. Bass, secretary and treasurer of the Southern Society of Immigration and Development.

[Fundraising circular]

Rome, Georgia: Southern Society of Immigration and Development, 1888. 6x9.5 inch handbill, faintly creased from having been folded to fit into an envelope, otherwise very good.

Thirty lines of text, soliciting funds for a movement "to induce immigration and money seeking investment to the South" and lamenting the poor response to an earlier appeal. "To my real surprise I have not heard from many of these letters, among them the one addressed to you, which forces us to one of three conclusions in the event that you received the letter, viz: The matter has been overlooked, or you discount the importance of the enterprise or that you are willing to enjoy a benefit while others bear its cost..." States that among the group's accomplishments has been a one and a half cent passenger rate to all points in the South for rail tickets sold on five days in Spring, facilitating visits to the South by potential investors or settlers.

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