Plans for a Glass and Concrete Solar Still. December 1968 (Revised October 1972) [text and blueprint]

Quebec: Brace Research Institute Macdonald College of McGill University, 1972. 8p., text reproduced from typescript on 11x8.5 inch corner-stapled leaves and accompanied by a huge folded blueprint we have not attempted to examine in full (it looks a little toned, no visible tears or splitting). Report leaves are toned, edgeworn and slightly foxed, with rust-mark from a long-gone metal clip for which we have substituted a large standard paperclip out of our own pockets. Technical report no. T58.

"This report contains a series of plans and specifications for a solar distillation plant designed by the Brace Research Institute for a site at Source a Philippe, Ile de la Gonave, Haiti. The units were intended to provide an annual average of 200 U.S. gallons per day to the community.. The stills have been in successful operation since May 1969..The extreme isolation of the site has influenced the design.."

Cat.No: 198462

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