Milli Türkistan [National Turkistan: journal of the National Turkestanian Unity Committee for the Struggle of National Liberation of Turkistan] [31 issues]

Dusseldorf, Germany: Veli Kajum-Khan, 1953-73. Thirty-one issues of the slender journal, staplebound in wraps, generally very good with occasional pen markings; no. 87 is in English, with minor edge stains, the remainder are in "Turkestanian," written in Romanized script, these being nos. 92, 95-113, 115-122, 124, 126131, and thrown in for free, a damaged example of 132. The Turkestanian issues generally have an English summary of contents.

An Uzbek anticommunist aristocrat, Veli Kajum-Khan advocated the independence of the Turkic republics within the Soviet Union, working with Nazi Germany during World War II to establish the Turkestan Legion, military units composed of "freiwillige" people from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. to fight in the German Army as part of "Operation Tiger." A transcript of his interrogation after the war is available online. These issues discuss contemporary Turkic nationalism, events in the USSR, and historical developments.

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