USA: Uncircumcised Society of America newsletter; July 4, 1976 [and two letters dated 1976 and 1978]

San Francisco: Uncircumcised Society of America, 1976 & 1978. Three items, a. single 8.5x11 inch sheet introducing a new subscrivber to the newsletter and Society membership printed recto-only on Society letterhead; b. 4p. newsletter, 8.5x11 inches, two sheets stapled upper left corner; c. another letter on standard size letterhead announcing a February 1978 Palm Springs Weekend for the Society. Ink notes on front and back page.

Bud states on the introductory letter that the Society formed a year earlier with 50 members and has grown to over one thousand and growing. The newsletter contains a four page history of the horrors of forced circumcision.

Cat.No: 197213

Price: $45.00