[Group of poems and political papers]

various places: the author, 1960s-1970s. Small personal archive of papers that belonged to John Coelln, a socialist anarchist who was involved with the Student Peace Union, the Socialist Party, Regeneration and the Libertarian Socialist Federation, as well as over a decade in the IWW starting in 1963 (his brief autobiography is included here in a letter to the Socialist Party regarding the idea of his making a run for its leadership). The most interesting part of this group is an envelope containing his typed poems and essays starting from the early 1960s; topics include his own activist experience as well as love poems. He also saved a couple of university papers of which he was especially proud. He sometimes spelled his last name Koln to avoid trouble with pronunciation. There are about 100 pages of this more interesting material, to which are added a couple of envelopes containing various cut-and-paste versions of a statement of principles and photocopied letterhead for both Regeneration and the LSF. The latter have postmarks from the mid-1970s, after Coelln had relocated to San Francisco. Obtained by our source from his estate in the 1970s.

Cat.No: 195977

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