What Stanton's Naptha Soap Will Do. "The most marvelous dirt-starter of the age." IT WILL: Save labor and do BETTER work than any other soap now offered the public [&c &c]

[Philadelphia]: Stanton Manufacturing Company, n.d. [1890?]. Ticket. Trade card, 4x3 inches, single small cardstock leaf with b&w photoportrait of page-boy'd female child over slogan: "It makes me laugh to see what Naptha Soap will do; / I always use it in my baths, and so does Grandpa too." Over, lists nine motivations including "Thoroughly eradicate[s] blood stains." Coated stock is faintly toned, a light crease shows across the graphic's mouth, good to very good copy.

Cat.No: 195200

Price: $20.00