Black Manifesto to the white Christian churches and the Jewish synagogues in the United States of America and all other racist institutions. Presentation by James Forman delivered and adopted by the National Black Economic Development Conference in Detroit, Michigan on April 26, 1969

Richmond, VA: Alliance of Concerned Episcopalians, [1969-?]. Six 8.5x14 inch sheets stapled together at upper left corner, reproducing Forman's speech, with a cover sheet by the Alliance. Horizontal fold crease.

Cover sheet states that the Manifesto is being reprinted and circulated as a warning to the community. "We have been told that these militants, led by James Forman, wish no harm but, indeed, have a legitimate claim. As concerned Episcopalians, it is our contention that the Manifesto is at best extortion and blackmail and speaks frankly, openly and honestly the desires of a dedicated small minority within the Negro community who are determined to destroy everything that we love and hold sacred..." Includes a brief introduction to the Alliance of Concerned Episcopalians, organized to present alternatives to the main church's increasingly liberal positions.

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