Our Paper, Your Paper; volume II, number 12, June 15, 1983

San Jose: Our Projects, Inc. 1983. Newspaper. 20p., folded tabloid newspaper, photos, ads, services, news, reviews, editorials, listings, very good on newsprint.

Nurses quit hospital refusing to treat AIDS patients - cover story. "Our Paper is a biweekly newspaper dedicated to inform, serve, and entertain Gay men and Lesbian women and their humanistic friends in Santa Clara County." Our Paper refused to publish "any material, including ads, which it considers in poor taste or which might be libelous, invasive of privacy, and/or a basis for legal action." Unlike some San Francisco gay papers of the period, no frank photos and sex want ads. Strong on electoral politics and legal issues. Publisher Nichols has an anarcho-individualist libertarian background and was a follower of Ayn Rand.

Cat.No: 194146

Price: $15.00