Safeway Stores Yield on Job Discrimination [handbill]

Los Angeles: 62nd A.D. Communist Party, 1947. 8.5x11 inch flyer mimeographed on one side, evenly toned, very good.

Announces that a delegation led by the head of the local Communist Party club had visited the Public Relations director for Safeway to protest the lack of Black workers at the Avalon and 41st Street Safeway store. The delegation stated that it was ready to begin picketing the store, whereupon Safeway agreed to begin hiring Black clerks and checkers within 30 days. The handbill asks locals to check on the progress at this Safeway location, and provides a Party contact address to report instances of job discrimination. An interesting example of the Party acting in its own name, as opposed to working as part of a coalition or front, to push directly for a solution to job discrimination.

Cat.No: 194082

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