Summary of discussion notes. April-July, 1962. Northern California Negro Commission, Communist Party USA.

Summary of discussion notes. April-July, 1962

[San Francisco-?]: the Commission, 1962. 20p., mimeographed sheets paperclipped together at upper left corner, sheets are in various colors and vary between 8.5x11 and 8.5x14 inches. Very good.

"After long discussion in this area, it is our considered opinion that bold new program tactics and theoretical considerations must be developed on the Negro question in the coming period if the Communist Party is to contribute materially to the struggle for Negro liberation from this point on..." Critical discussion within the Party on efforts needed to better work within the Civil Rights movement and get closer to working class African Americans. Includes discussion of the Black Muslim movement, noting with dismay that no Communists attended a public meeting with Elijah Muhammad that even the American Nazi Party saw fit to attend.

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