Smile (magazine) Nos. 4, 5, 6 (Smirk, Smut, Snicker). Karen Eliot.

Smile (magazine) Nos. 4, 5, 6 (Smirk, Smut, Snicker)

Madison, WI: Karen Eliot / Schiz-Flux, n.d. Three issues of various pagination, all 8.5x11 inches, wraps, illus., very good.

Both Karen Eliot and Schiz-Flux were names used by various individuals and groups of mail artists, radical theorists, nihilists, performance artists and pranksters. Similarly, Smile was a magazine name shared by numerous publishers around the world. These at least seem to be all issued by a continuous entity in Madison, Wisconsin. Much of the contents invokes Situationist ideas, anarchy, defense of child and marginal sexuality, unfettered freedom, public masturbation, and a desire to shock. All served up with collage graphics, some nudity, and a rather smug irony, perhaps not unlike this sentence. Individual issue names are Smirk, Smut, and Snicker.

Cat.No: 194042

Price: $75.00