Oh dem golden slippers; song & chorus. James Bland.

Oh dem golden slippers; song & chorus

London: C. Sheard, [1879]. 4p. sheet music, originally 10x14 inches but blank edges have been trimmed down to 8.25x11.25 inches; cover text has three song titles with the appropriate one "Golden Slippers" underlined in blue pencil. The wood-engraved cover illustration, 4x7 inches, shows a rural couple either parting or reuniting, in harshly unflattering caricature by Robert Childs.

The African American composer, who attained prominence as a member of the first all-black minstrel company, the Georgia Minstrels, after the Civil War, migrated to England in 1881. He was enormously successful in England, where he performed for two decades before returning to an America whose musical tastes had shifted from minstrelsy to vaudeville and ragtime. In 1911, he moved to Philadelphia, where he attempted to revive his art, but died from respiratory problems that year.

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