I be easy pickin's for you! [greeting card]. Ken Towle, model and concept, Billi Gordon, photograph.

I be easy pickin's for you! [greeting card]

no place: West Graphics, 1985. 5x7 inch fold-out greeting card (folds out to 5x15 inches) with color photo of Billi Gordon in his infamous Aunt Jemima drag, sprawled nude on a bed wearing only the red scarf, two halves of a watermelon over his breasts and a half a watermelon clutched to his crotch. Very good.

Billi Gordon was a poet, author and performer who wrote the cookbook "You've Had Worse Things in Your Mouth" and went on to get a neuroscience PhD and later wrote a blog on obesity for Psychology Today.

Cat.No: 193588

Price: $25.00