Packet of 24 handbills including Old Folks News and Defense League

San Francisco: Christ Chapel/Othodox Episcopal Church of God, 1977-1981. 24 i.5x11 inch handbills of various colored sheets, printed recto-only, map of services, announcements of events, Old Folks News newsletters, all very good condition.

Collection includes: Map of San Francisco with service phone numbers; Old Folks News newsletters July, August, October & December 1978, January-March 1979, April, October & December 1980, February, March, May & September 1981, handbills from the Old Folks Defense League, an original mock-up of the Mother's Day 1981 Luncheon handbill with a copy of the final version, handbills for various elder-centric events in SF.

Cat.No: 193456

Price: $75.00