The Legend of the Satanic Purses. Radical Faeries.

The Legend of the Satanic Purses

n.p. Radical Faeries, [1989-?]. 5.5x8.5 inch leaflet, the Legend printed one side and an introduction to the Faeries on the other with contact addresses. Of the four examples we have seen, all are slightly unevenly cut along the left edge, suggesting that this leaflet may originally have been something that was bound into a booklet and razored out (perhaps after the seriousness of the fatwa against Rushdie became apparent). Bottom edge has a narrow strip of toning (sulphurous smoke stain?), otherwise very good.

Parody of the basic story fo the Satanic Verses, but in this case it is Satan in drag as the Archangel Gabriel who leaves behind a red purse which Muhammad takes and adds to a growing collection. We will omit the sacreligious details here, but it concludes in today's world in which "The fabulous fashion accessories survived among the Radical Faeries, where they have come down to us as the tradition of 'The Satanic Purses.'"

Cat.No: 193352

Price: $35.00