CCC: Collaboration, Capitulation, Cowardice. Robert Driscoll.

CCC: Collaboration, Capitulation, Cowardice

n.p. the author, [1951-?]. Four mimeographed 8.5x14 inch sheets, signed in pen by Driscoll on the last page; fold-creased with minor toning. Several minor pen corrections by the author.

Polemic against the United Labor Party by one of its disaffected members, who was angered by its failure to oppose the Smith Act as applied to members of the Communist Party USA. Undated, but quotes a resolution Driscoll presented on June 24, 1951 to the ULP executive board, which would have characterized the jailing of CPUSA leaders under the Smith Act as an attack on working class organizing. The resolution was rejected. Appeals to ULP comrades "to rally round the re-crystallizing center which must and will be made to grow out of the reservoir of class experience gained 'from the shop to the top,' gained in past decades as well as the present, gained under anarchist, syndicalist, socialist and communist labels, and gained always against a ruling national bourgeois class - NEVER WITH IT."

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