The realist [no.122]; Winter, 1993. Paul Krassner.

The realist [no.122]; Winter, 1993

Venice: The Realist, 1993. Newspaper. Unfastened white self-wraps (good quality alkaline paperstock), 8p., 11 x 8.5 inches, two old folds as for mailing but now flat, near fine; bears a large post-it inscribed in red ballpoint, "one more bonus issue to come. Enjoy! P K"). The lead story (3p. with cartoon) concerns President Clinton, Mena Arkansas, and cocaine. Also find a very good scatalogical cartoon, and a full-page comix-panel "The Next Woody Allen Movie, [Honey I Fucked the Kids]," and a variety of media critiques: The NYT obituary on Jim Garrison, Bush/CIA spin doctoring, talk-show hectoring, Admiral Stockdale's prolongation of the VN War, a cartoon ("The baby Jesus discovers his penis") that was banned in South Africa.

Cat.No: 191566

Price: $25.00