The Match! [Sixteen early issues, plus an issue of Sunburst]

Tucson: Student Libertarian Action Movement, 1970-75. Newspaper. Sixteen issues of the tabloid-format newspaper, generally 8-12 pages per issue, evenly toned, some with significant edgewear. Also included are two leaflets from the Student Libertarian Action Movement, as well as a printed letter from editor Fred Woodworth warning that their mailing list was stolen and delivered to a group called the John Brown Party, and a tabloid called "Sunburst" was sent out to subscribers by these alleged Maoists posing as anarchists (the Party's members became part of the Tucson Marxist-Leninist Collective). The issue of Sunburst mentioned in the letter is included with this lot. The issues of The Match! present are: Vol. 2 nos. 1, 3-8, 10, 11, vol. 3 nos. 6 and 7, vol. 4 no. 4, vol. 5 nos. 3 and 11, and vol. 6 nos. 1 and 5.

Early issues of the long-running Anarchist magazine edited by Fred Woodworth. Illustrations throughout by Harry S. Robins, later associated with underground comix and Burning Man. Articles on the logic of anarchism, censorship, defense of gay liberation, drugs, student protest in Arizona and beyond, and much more.

Cat.No: 191545

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