Promotions, Removals, and Appointments in the Consular Service. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting A communication from the Secretary of State, in response to a resolution of the House of Representatives, giving a list of promotions [&c] since the 4th day of March, 1877 [with: Consular and Diplomatic Appropriations, Report no. 115, submitted by Mr. Burrows of Michigan; two items together]

Washington DC: G.P.O. March 10, 1882. Respectively 23, 22p., disbound fascicles joined by old binder's adhesive, 9x6 inches. A bit edgeworn and dusty, usable copies. 47th Congress, House of Representatives, Ex.Doc. no. 110; Report no. 115.

At random we find appointed to "Consulate, Glasgow: Bret Harte, of California (promoted from commercial agent at Crefeld)" followed by a list of officials who recommended him.

Cat.No: 191386

Price: $20.00